How do I access an online event?

Information on how to access our online events

For support relating to networking - please read the networking support article

Before the event...

  1. We manually approve all ticket holders onto our event platform - if you register 24 hours before an event you should be approved within one hour. Please do not contact us immediately after you register for a ticket because there is a short delay before you can access the platform. 
  2. To check if you have a ticket search your inbox for an email from:
    1.  or
  3. Before the event, we will share an access link 
    1. If you have do not have a ticket please register for a ticket - details on our homepage.
Having problems during the event...

Please try the following steps:

  1. If you just registered for the event there will be a short delay before you can get access
  2. If your email is not recognised (and you have not just registered for the event) check you are using the correct email address to sign in, the one you registered with
  3. Check if you are using Chrome as your web browser (this is our recommended web browser)
  4. Sometimes there can be issues created by your company VPN. If you can please try turning off your VPN
  5. Try to connect via a different device/computer 
  6. If you are using a company internet connection try tethering to your mobile 3g/4g/5g device

Need more help?

Before you email us, please:

  1. (if relevant) Take a screenshot of the problem you are experiencing
  2. Visit then > click on the green copy button then > email us the link. 

Support: (yes it's .co) or try the live chat on the bottom right

How to access the platform