Who can apply for discounted startup tickets?

Startup ticket eligibility criteria

We have reserved a limited number of discounted tickets to The Legal Geek Conference 2022 to give very early-stage legal tech startups access to the event. 

In order to be eligible for a discounted ticket your startup must:

  • have a live website
  • be a trading company
  • be a legal technology business (not a consultancy or startup law firm)
  • be less than 2 years old on the event date (Wednesday 28th – Thursday 29th September 2022)
  • not have received/generated more than £1m in funding/revenue

You can apply for a discounted ticket here.


Q: Why did you change the policy this year? 
Our policy is designed to support as many super early-stage startups as possible. These are businesses under two years who are in the early stages of fundraising. If you do not meet this criteria, the good news is our tickets are still super affordable!

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